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A Model for Raising the Bar to Protect Professionals, Pets and Their People.

A PDF version of this 245 page book is available here. This book will be published on Amazon and at other retailers across all formats from June 25, 2019

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In this book, the authors present their views on the need for a level and model of oversight in the fields of pet training and behavior consulting and for those choosing to practice within them. They discuss the prevalence of individuals who hold no credentials, formal education, knowledge or skills, yet who are today working across the nation with full responsibility for the well-being and welfare of their unknowing clients’ treasured pets. They will also highlight the lack of consumer protection and transparency across the marketing and operations platforms of many pet-related businesses, as well as the inherent weakness in how pets are legally classified, and how the current lack of reported and enforced animal cruelty laws means there is insufficient protection when it comes to holding pet professionals accountable for their methods, approach and philosophies toward their craft and the pets they serve.

Authors Niki J. Tudge, Susan J. Nilson, Debra A. Millikan, Louise A. Stapleton-Frappell

Table of Contents

Chapter One: What is Occupational Licensing?

Chapter Two: Living Property - The Need for a new Legal Definition

Chapter Three: Professionals Should Exemplify and Promote Anti-Cruelty Statutes

Chapter Four: How Pets Learn and the Consequences of Methodologies, Equipment and Philosophical Choice

Chapter Five: A Call for an Industry Wide, Professionally Acknowledged Best Practice

Chapter Six: Canine Communication and Social Behavior

Chapter Seven: Competency is Mission Critical

Chapter Eight: Ethics in Pet Training and Behavior Consulting

Chapter Nine: Consumer Protection and Transparency

Chapter Ten: Pet Industry Oversight Recommended Implementation Model

Appendix A: The Recommended Best Practice Model for Pet Training and Behavior Consulting Professionals

Appendix B: The Recommended Model for the Assessment of a Professional’s Knowledge and Skill

Appendix C: The Recommended Career Stage Mentoring Model

Appendix D: The Recommended Consumer Acknowledgement Form for Transparency in Dog Training/Behavior Consulting Services

Appendix E: The Recommended Case Study Template for Behavior Consultants

Appendix F: The Recommended Corporation Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics Pledge

Appendix G: The Recommended Policy for Registration Renewal via Continuing Education