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Dog Trainer Canine Communication Program - Your Mobile Kit

You'll get 3 PDF and 1 MP4

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This kit contains the necessary information to teach Kids to be safe around dogs and provides the adults the necessary information they need to "Speak Dog"!

Your kit contains:

  1. A 62 page high-quality, full color “Be a Tree” PowerPoint in PDF format
  2. A 62 page copy of your recommended presentation script.
  3. An MP4 copy of the PowerPoint Slide Show and an MP4 of “Be a Tree” in action.
  4. PLUS a FREE PDF copy of “A Kids Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog!”

The Topics Covered

  • Learning to “Be a Tree”
  • The “Be a Tree” tools
  • Which tools to use & when
  • Kids learn how to greet a dog
  • Learn to “Speak Dog”
  • Finding clues by being a dog detective
  • Which dog would you pet & why?
  • A full look at canine communication & social behavior
  • Test your new knowledge with a fun quiz